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AP Furniture supplier of Commercial Tables

Our Commercial Tables, Table Tops and Table Bases are practical, well designed tables. We have an incredible collection of designs and styles for you to choose from. We believe our table catalogue will assist in your furnishings required to fit out your commercial establishment with one of our many beautiful commercial tables. Also, we can assist in selecting a suitable table for your businesses needs and budget.

A lot of the table designs can be customised to allow you to pick a colour scheme that suits your commercial establishment. A wide range of coloured tops or material finishes can easily accommodate for customisation of your cafe, venue or restaurant. Other variations to our Commercial Table range include different shapes.

In addition to the collection of our commercial tables, we stock a variety of coffee tables and dining tables. This table range will be right at home in your living area or lounge room, with there more contemporary style.

All our tables come in many different heights, to suit an array of a purposes from Bar Tables, Coffee Tables.

One thing we pride ourselves on is the ability to deliver high quality products, wide range and at wholesale prices.

We’ve got coffee tables that are extremely low and ideal in a cafe when complemented with one of our luxury sofas.

All our Commercial Tables are very popular in bars, cafes, and restaurants.