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Showing 1–9 of 12 results

by AP Furniture


Distinctively Defined Sofas

We have an extensive range of Sofas available in our collection of Commercial Furniture. Our catalogue is broad with an extensive selection of Sofa’s to suit an array of venues and budgets. When looking at pricing online please ensure you contact us for a commercial quote if ordering in large quantities.

With our in house range of Sofa’s for Cafes, Restaurants, taverns and sporting clubs to the simple nightclub or pub range we have a Sofa’s that will be sure to tick all the right boxes of your business and your customers needs.

Also, our custom options for when the need to meet a certain colour scheme or franchise branding is needed.

All uniquely made by a skilled craftsmen, who create our sofa in both steel and wood frames with a myriad of finishes.

Our Sofas are the latest trending products and finest materials, they come in a variety of colours and styles too.

Choose from the extensive handcrafted sofa range, selecting your configuration and 100% genuine cowhide leather or premium fabric cover.

Also, our Sofas come with our quality care instructions, all our sofas come with the AP Furniture Warranty.