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Commercial Furniture Supplier Perth WA

Wholesaler of the finest commercial furniture on offer

When considering purchasing from a Commercial Furniture Wholesale Supply Perth you need to consider the multiple suppliers available.

What point of difference can they offer to your brand and company, can they offer the the security and reliability that AP Furniture can. Will they assist you in forming the correct purchasing decision for your company.

We are ethical in the way we do business and even though AP Furniture have only recently started operating commercially in 2017. Selling mostly designer replica chairs out of there warehouse in Wangara, does not prove we are new to the industry by any means.

When Did We Start Selling Furniture

AP Furniture is by far a new comer to the Hospitality furniture supply industry with there sister company operating for over three years as a well established and trusted Furniture Hire Business, they know a thing or two about the need for high quality durable furniture.

Guaranteed Quality

This is where we discovered that the quality of our products and the design elements we incorporated in to our chairs and tables were of such good stature, withstood the punishments of continued use and transport at events across Perth.

Warranties on our Commercial Furniture Wholesale Supply Perth range

The products as our own offer a great warranty with our chairs and tables for commercial use, this led to us starting AP Furniture as the solution to Cafes and Restaurants looking for sustainable, long lasting durable furniture for there establishments with out the huge capital investment.

What sort of Commercial Furniture Supplier Perth are you?

We offer 30 styles of Cafe and Restaurant chairs, with our newest range of cafe tables with folding tops and stack-able table bases, we have 5 colours of table tops too choose from all made of durable resin. o compliment our collection we have also incorporated a range of outdoor specific furniture and coffee lounge ware.

Want to Know more?

For further info please contact us on (08) 6305 0452

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