We are a Furniture Company

We are a Furniture  Company founded in Perth, Western Australia primarily a commercial supplier before moving into the retail world, we have broaden our offering to bing the best retail furniture at the best prices to the whole of Australia, with free shipping and flat rate shipping services.

Who we Supply to

We supply our commercial furniture products to Interior-designers, Retailers, Builders, Wineries, Event Companies, Restaurants and Cafes across Western Australia

What Separates us

The customer experience we offer to our customer’s is our first difference, piece of mind as well as high quality furniture, our quality processes would definitely be another differentiation.

What have we Got to Offer

Besides from what we have already covered, we can offer zipPay and financing on a range of our commercial furniture products, our Restaurant Furniture and Cafe Furniture.

We also have a platinum service where we hold, deliver, and take away all packing in your store before the stores launch

For time sensitive builds, such as fast food restaurant furniture, we can schedule your deliveries to suit the project needs

Want to know more or would like to speak to one of our friendly team then contact us or alternatively you can email your requirements directly to email us